Martial Arts as Protection from Aliens

An interesting trend has occurred in alien abduction lore: martial arts appears to act as a method for preventing alien abductions and allegedly to challenge aliens in one on combat in a future (potential) scenario where aliens occupy Earth.

So first we have cases like Derrel Sims who is a black belt in karate and apparently trained other CIA members on combatives. Ann Druffel’s book, How To Defend Yourself Against Alien Abduction, she describes several instances where an abductee uses physical force to defend themselves from abductors. This includes Travis Walton, who takes up a karate stance and eventually drives off a couple of grays.

We also have the case of this targeted individual in Canada who claims that martial artists, especially those versed in knife fighting will be key to fighting aliens in a post-apocalyptic world where aliens will walk around nonchalantly but can be goaded into one on fights where their force fields won’t protect them (force fields that will protect them from gun fire). It’s difficult to know who to believe in these scenarios but it can’t hurt to gear up and be ready to bang with some uninvited guests should it come to that.