Long Road Trips: Alien Abduction Prevention

In reviewing the MUFON database it becomes clear that, after night time bedroom abductions, chances of an alien abduction are highest when driving, especially during long road trips and especially at night. This makes sense as UFOs can obviously discern from a above when the coast is clear to abduct someone and avoid exposure to witnesses. So let’s go over a few measures you can take to avoid being abducted while driving.

Betty and Barney Hill’s Car Abduction: A Case Study.

The iconic case is the Betty and Barney Hill abduction. In reviewing this case, it’s almost as though they did everything wrong and could likely have avoided this terrifying incident altogether. They were driving late at night, and were rather tired. So they were driving on a long road during a time when there were no other cars AND when neither of them were very alert. They also didn’t react appropriately when they first saw a UFO off in distance tracking them. This would have been the ideal time to make it to a populated area, and close to a police station or military base if possible. Rather, they allowed their curiosity to get the better of them.

Then they came upon what appeared to be a road block. I often ask myself what I would do in these situations and I can’t imagine that, had I been a man of color in the 60’s, I would have avoided anything resembling a late night road block. Then they even saw the UFO up close and Barney did reach for his firearm (packing the heat is the one thing he did right).

Unfortunately the aliens appeared to have gained mental control and Barney went along with the suggestion to put it away. From here it was all over. They were not mentally prepared to deal with their abductor’s mind hack. So at this point, it was essentially over. However with the mental preparation we now have available to us, Barney and Betty could have likely broken this control. This is something we will cover below.

Prevention andEarly Detection

Loadout/Every day carry

Prevention is the best cure. Think before planning your drive, and make sure you pack the car with the right gear and your brain with the proper mindset. I suggest having an EDC that includes a short (easily concealable) knife, along with a multi tool and a paracord. Take physical maps with you (like a Thomas Guide). Yes, we live in a digital world where our phones come with top tier maps but UFO’s are known to cause electronics to go haywire and affect satellite connections. If you are spiritual or religious and have a holy book you adhere to, take it with (and sleep with it at your bedside when at home). Also, be armed. One hand should be armed with a blunt object or a bladed weapon (knife, tactical pen, baton, etc) and the other with a projectile (gun or pepper spray). In this way we are mimicking Miyamoto Musashi’s strategy of having a long and short ranged weapon.

Radio and EMF Signals on

Interference is one of the first signs of nearby UFO and an impending abduction. Radio, satellite and internet signals as well as electricity reacts abnormally when a UFO is nearby. So have these on if possible. Also, since UFOs emit EMF signals, also have an EMF detector (there are apps that will detect a change in frequency). Between these various detection techniques, you can detect a UFO on an intercept course with enough time to react. A programmer will also help as you can see you performance effected in real time.

Also carry an extra car battery and spark plugs. After the abduction (or attempt) some of your vehicle’s electrics may be fried. Also make sure you’ve properly inflated your tires. Not only will this help with MPG but will reduce the chances of a flat or a blow out. The last thing you want is to be stranded on a long stretch of road while the Greys are out scouting for a new Guinea pig.

Binoculars and a Passenger

UFOs are known to track a vehicle’s course prior to abduction. We have seen this with the Betty and Barney Hill incident. They are likely casing vehicles; seeing which vehicle is easiest to abduct and when to do so. The sooner you can detect a marauding flying saucer the sooner you can prepare. Binoculars will allow a passenger to discern between an airplane, star, and intrusive extraterrestrial fast mover. It goes without saying that the driver should not be the one using binoculars (at least not while driving).

Also, an app that tracks flights will be of use. This will help rule out the possibility that an aerial vehicle is a commercial airplane.

Thought screen Helmet

If you remember only one thing from this article it’s this item. Consisting of a basic hat with an inner lining of velostat, this will prevent UFO occupants (generally, the greys) from gaining control of your mind. Even if they’ve disabled your vehicle, if they can’t paralyze you, the Greys are like 6 year olds with large heads. Anne Druffel has cataloged instances of humans actually killing Greys unintentionally with their bare hands. Add a weapon (bladed, blunt or projectile) and they will almost certainly just leave you alone.

Ok so they’ve closed the gap and now they are approaching the car on foot. If you’re armed AND wearing a thought screen helmet there is virtually no chance they’ll actually approach your vehicle. If they do, you can use your weapons (or even fists) with impunity, as your helmet prevents their mind control.

However, let’s say you didn’t wear your thought screen helmet. You are now susceptible to their mind control. This is where you either muster a religious figure (one that you have an actual connection with) OR moral outrage. Do not confused moral outrage with uncontrollable anger. Your sense of outrage must come from a place of actual morality. Your rights as an individual are being violated. You deserve autonomy. This sense of outrage tends to have a dissipating effect on whatever they use to paralyze and control you. Another technique is to focus on moving a single digit. Once you move this digit, the overall paralysis breaks.

Anti-Vehicle Abduction Loadout

  • Thoughtscreen Helmet
  • Handgun (legally), otherwise Pepper Spray (or both)
  • Tactical Pen
  • Knife (ether a large knife or Swiss Army style)
  • Flash light (ideally one that can double as a blunt weapon)
  • EMF Detector
  • Programmer
  • Spark Plugs
  • Flight checker app
  • Binoculars