David Jacobs and The Grey Alien Agenda

David Jacobs has been at the forefront of alien abduction research since the 1980’s. Arguably the most objective and credentialed researcher (an established and tenured professor at a prestigious University), Jacobs noticed that the abductions took a disturbing turn.

These abductions as it turns out, weren’t just an instance of greys taking humans to run tests and experiments on them. The greys have been creating hybrids between humans and themselves, and then creating hybrids between those hybrids and the humans. Each generation of hybrid takes on more and more human-like forms.

Eventually this program reached the point where the hybrids were anatomically pretty much human. There is really no difference, at least aesthetically, from a true human.

What the Greys are Planning

Now comes the scary part: There is apparently an agenda involved. The greys aren’t doing this out of scientific curiosity; they’re creating a race that will likely supplant humans as the dominant species on this planet.

Hostile Hybrids

In addition to all of this, Jacobs (and other researchers) have cataloged hstile acts towards humans. In his book, The Threat, Jacobs includes an instance where hybrids impose sexual acts on an abductee. Michael Menkin (more on him later) documents an instance where an old lady was literally beaten to death by hybrids.

How can we defend ourselves?

It’s not clear how or if the actual “replacement” program will be implemented. In the meantime, researchers have found instances of abductees successfully repelling alien abductions.

First we have Anne Druffel, who has outlines several techniques. These include righteous anger and physical resistance. One lady was able to break the grey’s paralysis and actually inadvertently snap one of their necks. Another man was able to hold them at bay through the use of a rifle. In both instances, the would-be abductees held off their would-be abductees by maintaining specific mental states.

Speaking of physical resistance, there are instances of brave Americans holding off and even vanquishing their captors. John Edmonds springs to mind. He has killed several greys using a katana, which he prefers to a gun. Other bladed weapons such as an axe or a macuahuitl may also work.

Derrel Sims also claims to have held them at bay through the use of such a sword. In fact, Sims has apparently been through countless physical struggles with them.

Michael Menkin’s Thought Screen Helmet

There is a man named Michael Menkin who has invented a way to repel the grey’s paralysis. By using hats or helmets lined with velostat (a material that apparently scrambles whatever signals the greys are sending), the greys being too small and frail to use physical force on humans are unable to take these abductees.

There is a caveat however. Apparently the greys send hybrids in these instances. And these hybrids CAM use physical force, especially late stage hybrids (which are essentially humans with telepathic powers). One old lady was even beaten to death. So if you’re going to go this route, make sure you carry a weapon in addition to the hat. Despite their mental powers (which the velostat hat will negate anyhow), these hybrids are every bit as subject to injury. So a gun of bladed weapon (new OR from antiquity) will work just fine.

Is the Military Prepared?

So we’ve covered protecting yourself, your family and your household but what happens when they come en masse? Can we repel them? Can the Earth’s military powers really put up a fight against such a technologically-advanced foe.

As long as the Earth isn’t conquered and divided, and remains cohesive in its resistance, we stand a very good chance of pushing them back. We need to look only at our own history for reference. The “Christopher Columbus” analogy has been brought up many times. The lesson is supposed to be “this is what happens when people are confronted by a marauding, technologically superior race.” The REAL lesson should be “this is what happens when people are confronted by a marauding, technologically superior race, and are divided instead of united.” The indigenous people of the Americas never really offered a united front. They were conquered as individual tribes, often with the help of other tribes. We need to look at the Japanese for inspiration. Japan, under the control of the Tokugawa Shogunate, WAS able to provide a united front against marauding Western ships. As a result, they kept their land.

Technologically speaking, we are not as helpless as we seem. For one, it’s clear that we have the ability to send projectiles into space at lightning speeds, and have had this ability for at least 25 years.

According to Gordon Duff, we have satellites that can send projectiles outward and essentially have them as a protective grid. We also have sensors that pick up distortions in time and space.

So the situation is perhaps not as gloomy as it seems.