Can Home Alarms Prevent Alien Abduction?

Two decades ago, it was considered axiomatic that there simply was no way to prevent alien abductions. Books like Communion, Intruders and The Uninvited left us with the impression that there was simply nothing that could change the outcome.

However, beginning in the late 80’s, we begin to see a shift. Anne Druffel’s “How to Prevent Alien abduction” gave several manners in which potential abductees could prevent being taken against their will. Derrel Sims began to share his Alien Hunting techniques. Michael Menkin announced his thought screen helmet, which prevents alien paralysis.

This begs the question: Can home alarms help prevent these abductions. If so, what role do they play? If they can’t prevent the abduction, can they at least delay it, or serve as an early warning? Research suggests that at the very least, the latter may be the case.

Sound the Alarm: Communion

In Whitley Streiber’s Communion, the visitors apparently trigger the home alarm. While Whitley is still abducted, the alarm nevertheless sounded off. Had he reacted faster and gotten to his shotgun, the abduction may have been adverted.

Dark Skies: An alarming visitation

However, in Dark Skies, we see that the grays are apparently able to get in and out of the house without tripping the alarm.

Nevertheless, David is able to capture the grays on his CCTV security cameras.

Intruders: Why locking the door isn’t enough.

In the movie Intruders (based on the Bud Hopkins’ book of the same name), we see Leslie Hahn is abducted from her own home. She locks the doors, but the grays are able to walk right through.

In Summary: Having a home alarm system is good practice whether or not alien abduction is a concern. If an abduction DOES happen, at the very least, the alarm may serve as an early warning, possibly even a deterrent if it means law enforcement is on the way. Other possibilities include firearms, blunt and bladed melee weapons and even non-intuitive products like fire extinguishers.