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UFO and Alien Abduction Research – Tracking the Alien Agenda

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Liam Ferguson

Dry-Aged Steak: What you Need to Know

A dry-aged steak has a distinctive flavor and appearance. The aging process breaks down the beef’s fat and protein to produce new cheesy and savory flavors. The process also concentrates the beef’s tenderness and enhances its flavor and aroma. During this process, the meat loses water, which gives the meat its unique, rich texture. During this process, enzymes break down muscle protein and collagen, creating a tender, juicy, and delicious steak.

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Aliens Real, Manking Not Ready according to Former Israeli space security chief

As if 2020 couldn’t get any stranger, former Israeli space security chief, Haim Eshed, has just come out and stated that aliens are real. There is entire galactice federation of them and they ask to remain anonymous until mankind is “ready.” Of course, this more or less parallels what we already know, but to hear it from someone in a position like Haim Eshed carries far more weight than some random person claiming to have learned this through channeling.

Here is some more from Third Phase of Moon.

Can Home Alarms Prevent Alien Abduction?

Two decades ago, it was considered axiomatic that there simply was no way to prevent alien abductions. Books like Communion, Intruders and The Uninvited left us with the impression that there was simply nothing that could change the outcome.

However, beginning in the late 80’s, we begin to see a shift. Anne Druffel’s “How to Prevent Alien abduction” gave several manners in which potential abductees could prevent being taken against their will. Derrel Sims began to share his Alien Hunting techniques. Michael Menkin announced his thought screen helmet, which prevents alien paralysis.

This begs the question: Can home alarms help prevent these abductions. If so, what role do they play? If they can’t prevent the abduction, can they at least delay it, or serve as an early warning? Research suggests that at the very least, the latter may be the case.

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Coronavirus Preparation & Economic Effects

One of the newest viruses currently infecting the world wide web has an effect on the economy of its host nation. Coronavirus has infected and closed down the government’s main site in Thailand, making it impossible for citizens to get financial and other government agencies. Currently there is no way any government can cope with handling its finances. Most of the media coverage surrounding the Coronavirus Effect on the Economy comprises the impact on customer confidence and so, GDP (Gross Domestic Product) figures.

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Long Road Trips: Alien Abduction Prevention

In reviewing the MUFON database it becomes clear that, after night time bedroom abductions, chances of an alien abduction are highest when driving, especially during long road trips and especially at night. This makes sense as UFOs can obviously discern from a above when the coast is clear to abduct someone and avoid exposure to witnesses. So let’s go over a few measures you can take to avoid being abducted while driving.

Betty and Barney Hill’s Car Abduction: A Case Study.

The iconic case is the Betty and Barney Hill abduction. In reviewing this case, it’s almost as though they did everything wrong and could likely have avoided this terrifying incident altogether. They were driving late at night, and were rather tired. So they were driving on a long road during a time when there were no other cars AND when neither of them were very alert. They also didn’t react appropriately when they first saw a UFO off in distance tracking them. This would have been the ideal time to make it to a populated area, and close to a police station or military base if possible. Rather, they allowed their curiosity to get the better of them.

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